People Development


Our view is that people development should not be prescriptive, and needs to reflect the requirements of both client organisations and the individuals within.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach, and The Strategy Room provides dynamic and engaging training room skills backed by commercial experience to allow flexible, tailored training and development solutions.

All our training is based on these key fundamentals:

Interactivity – the best training is two way, and we always build in opportunities to question & debate content. We try to avoid ‘death by break-out session’ and make sure that case study/syndicate work is focused and relevant.

Practical focus – we know about business school theory, but more importantly which elements of it are proven in real business environments. The language we use is understandable and marketplace-savvy.

Identifiable benefitstraining is most effective when a clear business benefit can be identified, whether that be arming employees for the difficult challenges of digital technology or helping them develop a totally new business concept.


our development modules include

Business simulation workshops Delivering:

  • The development of problem solving, negotiation and influencing skills in a realistic business environment
  • Commercial return through improved strategic ‘buy-in’ and commercial awareness
  • Motivating individual & team experiences
  • Improved empathy & co-operation between different functional areas
  • The ability to identify future high-fliers.

Strategy and Marketing Workshops

  • Communicating key principles of strategy & marketing
  • Applying these to existing business challenges in a practical context
  • Developing commercial ideas and solutions from within client organisations

Communication/Briefing Workshops

  • Market and competitor updates
  • Communicating the strategies needed to meet market challenges
  • Creating a collaborative and non threatening environment for employees to learn, develop and grasp key issues.