Research and insight is the cornerstone to building customer-relevant business strategies and propositions.

The Strategy Room has extensive experience in conducting and applying market research in complex market situations, in both business to consumer and business to business situations.

Our research expertise includes;

  • Current business and brand audits
  • Evaluation of new business concepts/business models
  • Customer segmentation
  • Perceptual mapping of clients and competitors

Our commercial background allows us to provide expert input into research briefs, and also to evaluate and build on current research tools and assets already invested in.

We use various research techniques, and will recommend those most relevant to each client.

These include:

  • Quantitative surveys, using face-to-face methods or relevant online databases to deliver robust quantifiable insights
  • Focus/discussion groups, to provide the attitudinal and emotional drivers behind customer behaviour.
  • Customer panels, to provide ongoing tracking of customer responses to changes in business/brand strategy

We specialise in the following sectors:

  • Retail
  • Music Industry
  • Consumer Technology
  • Digital Media

Through our sister company, The Leading Question, we also carry out highly specialised research into how consumer behaviour towards music and related media is being affected by changing technology

The Leading Question